Salesforce Consultancy

Salesforce Consultancy ISSIMO

We offer a range of services from a full implementation with data migration and training to writing a report. We have successfully implemented over fifty Salesforce systems. We will manage every part of the project and endeavour to make it easy for you.

Our costs are £650 per day. A discount is given to nonprofit organisations. We can quote on a project-by-project basis or you can buy a block of time and use in half-hour increments, as and when required – please see bottom of this page.

Salesforce Consultancy ISSIMO

System Implementation

From requirements gathering and design through to data migration and training.
Salesforce Consultancy ISSIMO


Integrate Salesforce with other systems such as Paypal, JustGiving and Xero.
Salesforce Consultancy ISSIMO

Data Cleansing / Migration

Clean and migrate your data to Salesforce or clean within an existing Salesforce system.
Salesforce Consultancy ISSIMO

Reports and Dashboards

Reports, charts and dashboards showing the information that you want.
Salesforce Consultancy ISSIMO

Amendments / Updates

If some changes or improvements to your system are needed, we can help you.
Salesforce Consultancy ISSIMO


We offer ongoing and occasional support tailored to your requirements.
Support / Development Packages
If you buy a package upfront, you can use your time as and when you like. We work in half-hour blocks and will keep you updated with how much time has been used and how much is remaining.